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    Prefab house, Project Accommodation Workers Camp:

    Prefabricated house is economical in environmental protection, and can be easy to assembly and demolition, which achieved the construction concepts of common standardization for temporary building, setting environmental protection & energy saving, rapid and highly efficient building.


    Prefabricated house is widely used in remote areas as resident houses, construction accommodations, office, classroom, clinics, oil field camps, offshore accommodation, labor camps, guardrooms,  mobile house. The main frame work of  prefabricated house is light steel structure and the wall and roof panel is sandwich panel. All steel parts are connected by screws. easily erection , finished quickly.

    Continuous Sandwich Panel:




    We specializes in fabricating Continues Sandwich Panels. The insulation structures are made using the polyurethane material encased in the rust proof metal sheets. There are distinct advantage of using continuous sandwich panels as these are light weight and provide effective protection against the rain, heat and light.




    Application: Industrial sheds, malls, multiplexes, commercial multiplexes, pre-engineered building, warehouses, cold rooms, cold storages, shelters, pre-fabricated houses, refrigerated vehicles, laboratories, bunk houses, equipment shelters, air handling units, workshops and farm houses.

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