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    Plumbing should be done in such a way that there should not occur a need to change anything later or remodeling. Plumbing is one of the important part while building a house. So after deciding the plan of house meets a plumbing consultant and create a plumbing layout. During this you will get an idea of layout plan, materials to be used, estimate for all these. There will be a consultation fee for these specialists but it will be the best as it will helps you to save the money from unwanted expenditures and future maintenance expenditures and compare to this ,the Charges will be very


     So this will not be a money wasting process. Layout plan will helps in deciding the path of pipes and as the positions of each pipes will be known during the construction stage itself ,the amount to be spend on drilling the wall will be saved by this way.Another important thing is making an estimate for plumbing. It is best to make rough sketch of the estimate before plumbing. The pipes using for plumbing should be best in quality as, it will be difficult to change them after construction or in future if there occurs any leaks or damage. The cost of the pipes required for bathrooms and kitchen will be nearly 30% of the total cost.

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