About Us

BAG-IT is a Kuwait based Company, involved into web design & development, Digital Marketing & Mobile app Development, research domain & Hosting, communications, connectivity, surveillance, security, data monitoring.


To be the worlds leading Web Site Development& Security Solutions Company. BAG-IT care about the client should get an Interactive design & development facilities with great web applications & Dynamic web experiences and maximum security. BAG-IT is determined to help your business to grow on the Web, using strategies that will ensure your site will stand out as unique in the jam-packed space of Internet.


We will provide an excellent service to all of our worthy clients to achieve total satisfaction and accomplish high productivity levels through sound planning, organization and teamwork in the area of web site development.

Our Focus

We work in a team to combine skills, commitment and latest technology.


Planning and organizing the required production plant and Machineries to facilitate and fulfill the project requirements and responsible for the operation and Maintenance of the same .Planning, Analyzing, arranging and managing the production resources required to carry out the operations in factory with optimum quality standards based on the projects loads.

Location & contact details

Office # 12, 4th Floor, Street 22,
Al-Mehri complex, Khaitan, Kuwait
+9652 4764174
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