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    Alucobond Cladding


    Alucobond is a light composite material consisting of two aluminum sheets and a core of polyethylene. It is a simple and versatile facade product, ideal for cladding, roof edges, awnings and fascia.


    The series is a collection of Alucobond surfaces that amplify the natural characteristics of the aluminum surface. Alucobond is an ideal cladding solution for entrances, columns, and pylons, making a bold architectural statement while maintaining the cost-effective features of an aluminum composite material. It is flat and rigid, exceptionally formable, low-weight and weather resistant.


    Our team of highly experienced staff and tradesmen have been instrumental in the production and management of installations as diverse as shop fronts & factories to multi-floor glass curtain walls and multi-level office/apartment cladding projects.  They pride themselves on a very high standard of workmanship.



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