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    Characteristics of steel structure.


    Features of steel structure  light weight, higher reliability of steel work, wide span, large steel interior space, fast construction, earthquake proofing, heatproof, water-resistance, energy conserving, recyclable components, environmental-friendly, etc.

    Prefabricated steel structure warehouse with advantage of disassembling and assembling easily.

    Steel structure function:

    1. The main structure of our steel structure made in portal frame steel structure.
    2. The beam and column of steel structure is made by welded H Section Steel.
    3. The roof purlin and wall purlin use thin-walled C shaped steel.
    4. Steel structure uses claddings in different material including single plate, single plate plus glass cotton, and EPS composite plate.
    5. The doors of steel structure is roller shutter door.
    6. Windows are built adopting monolayer windows and plastic steel of 6mm.


    Full heavy steel structure works which is base on ‘H’ beam and ‘I’ beam concrete foundation.









    Applications of  Heavy Steel Workshop.


    With the development of steel structure industry, heavy steel workshop is increasingly used in mining, metallurgy and oil refining industries. In power plant engineering, the heating platforms,





    secondary beams, turbines on the roof, coal conveyors, air refrigeration platforms all adopt steel structure. In addition, in the petrochemical field, steel structure is usually used as the structural support system of the oil and gas pipelines, the main body frame of the plants, etc.

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